KPL Betting Tips 2019

Why do people bet ??? is it for fun? Certainly not! People bet to make money. Many in the betting industry have a constant income. Betting is an art, and many have mastered this art. They have a strategy, and they bet according to their plan, that’s why they are very consistent, and it is their means on income.

Always remember that you do lose some times; however, you should not be betting just because there is a game ahead. Discipline is what you need the most in betting, and you don’t need to bet if there is no value in a particular game. One most important tip, do not bet just because someone is betting. Be sure of your self, be critical on yourself and the method or strategy you apply.

ABOUT KPL (Karnataka Premier League)

Karnataka Premier League kick-started in the year 2009, a year after the launch of IPL. KPL is one of the best local leagues in India, which is approved by the BCCI. KPL provides opportunities for local raw talent to nurture and showcase them on prominent platforms. Many young cricketers are consistently finding a place in IPL and other leading platforms. Youngsters get an opportunity to play alongside India’s top cricketers.

KPL features seven franchises from all of Karnataka State, Hubli Tigers, Bengaluru Blasters, Mysuru Warriors, Shivamogga Lions, Bijapur Bulls, Belagavi Panthers and Bellary Tuskers.

KPL 2019 kick-started this year on the 16th of August. The following are the Squads.


Bengaluru Blasters

Squad: Rongsen Jonathan, Rohan Kadam, Nishant Shekhawat, Rishi Bopanna, Manoj S Bhandage, Bharath Dhuri, KN Bharath, Sharath BR, Anurag Bajpai, V Koushik, Anand Doddamani, Anil I G, Nikin Jose, Kishore Kamat, Bharath Devaraj, Kuldeep Kumar, Muthanna Chandrashekhar, Aditya Goyal.

Bengaluru Blasters were runners up in the previous KPL 2019, but they lost to Bijapur Bulls by seven wickets. BB batting was pathetic, and they were bundled up for a mere 101 runs meanwhile Bijapur chased the score in 13.5 overs. However, Bengaluru Blasters were table toppers in the Leagues winning five games and one No result. Bengaluru will be eyeing to continue to be in winning form this year too.

Meanwhile, BB has picked Jonathan R, who is a Top-order batsman from Nagaland, In the absence of Robin Uthappa, Jonathan will be captain of BB this season. Bengaluru has a very balanced team, Rohan Kadam and BR Sharath are brilliant openers Anand Doddamani, and V Koushik has been terrific bowlers. After that, MS Bangade is an excellent all-rounder. Skipper Jonathan is an experienced top-order batsman.

Mysuru Warriors

Squad: Amit Verma, Shoaib Manager, Praveera Venkatesh Murthy, Krishnamurthy Siddharth, Manjesh Reddy, Dega Nischal, Aniruddha Joshi, BU Shivkumar, Utham Aiyappa, Vinay Sagar, LR Chethan, Jagadeesha Suchith, Vyshak Vijay Kumar, Kushal Wadhwani, Ram Sarikh Yadav, Devaiah, Saurabh Yadav, Sankalp Shettennavar, Kishan Bedare, Jayesh Babu.

Mysuru Warriors are the winners of KPL-2014, MW being the founding member of Karanataka Premier League has been remarkably consistent. In KPL 2018, they lost in the semifinal against Bengaluru. MW has an excellent squad in this season of KPL. However, they have retained some of their players who performed well in the previous year. MW has retained, J Suchith, V Vyshak, KM Wadwani, Shoaib Manager, Vinay Sagar, KS Bedare and Captain Amit Verma. Meanwhile, they bought in-form Anirudh Joshi, which will strengthen their bowling attack. Mysuru Warriors have excellent All-rounders, which is very good.

Hubli Tigers:

Mohammed Taha, Parikshith Shetty, Shishir Bhavane, KB Pawan, KL Shrijith, M Vishwanathan, Vinay Kumar, Praveen Dubey, Aditya Somanna, Vidyadhar Patil, Shivil Koushik, David Mathias, Mitrakanth Yadav, Mahesh Patel, Abilash Shetty, Luvnith Sisodia, Suraj Seshadri, Dheeraj Shashidhar.

Hubli Tigers is a very consistent team, they have performed exceptionally in the previous KPL’s, HT as reached finals twice. Meanwhile, HT has retained skipper Vinay Kumar who is an excellent asset to HT franchise and also Praveen Dubey. Mohammed Taha is in good form and was the sixth-highest scorer in the previous KPL. P.Dubey and skipper Vinay Kumar, Parikshith, Shishir Bhavane will be expected to play well in this game. Mahesh Patel was the Highest wicket-taker in KPL-2018.

Belagavi Panthers:

Squad: Abhinav Manohar, Arshdeep Singh Brar, Mir Kaunain Abbas, Ravikumar Samarth, Manish Pandey, Dikshanshu Negi, Abdul Majid, Lochan Appanna, Stalin Hoover, AM Kiran, Shubhan Hegde, Avinash D, Ritesh Bhatkal, Zahoor Farooqui, Darshan MB, Darshan Machaiah, Sharan Gowda, Rakshith S.

Belagavi Panthers, are the winners of KPL -2017. They are an excellent team. However, in the previous season, they won only three matches. However, BP does have many exiting players in their squad. Stalin Hoover and R Samarth should be opening the innings for BP. Samarth is a regular for Karnataka state team, also played for India A, he will be eager to make his presence felt in this season.

Meanwhile, Stalin Hoover is a fantastic player who scored 83 runs last season. Manish Panday may not play the first match; however, he is a player who can win games he scored 162 runs last season. Negi D scored 132 runs at an average of 26.8. Meanwhile, Skipper Mir Abbas, Subang Hegde, Arshdeep Singh, and D Avinash will man the middle order. Zahoor Farooqui has been BP’s leading bowler, D Avinash and Subang Hegde will be eager to take wickets.

Bellary Tuskers:

Squad: Devdutt Padikkal, Abhishek Reddy, Gaurav Dhiman, Karthik CA, Sharana Basawa, Krishnappa Gowtham, Nizar Niyas, Zeeshan Ali Sayeed, CM Gautam, Srinivas Sharath, Prasidh Krishna, Abrar Kazi, KP Appanna, Bhavesh Gulecha, Ruchir Joshi, Suraj Reddy, Vishnu Priyan.

Bellary Tuskers are Title winners of KPL 2016 hence certainly they are a good team. This franchise usually chooses to induct local talent, unlike other Franchises. However, their performance in the previous KPL was unsatisfactory, and they were on the bottom second on the points table, winning only one game and losing four. Therefore BT should buckle up and play this season with passion. BT does have good players in their squad. Devdutt Padikkal and CA Karthik shod be opening the innings for Tuskers. Padikkal has scored 124 runs in four games the previous season, and Karthik scored 134 runs. Skipper CM Gautham will man the wickets and has scored 98 runs in the last season; meanwhile, Abhishek Reddy has 168 runs to his credit. K Gautham is a brilliant allrounder he has 12 wickets to his credit. P Krishna is BT leading bowler followed by Kazi and Nizar.

Bijapur Bulls

Squad: Bharath Chipli, Liyan Khan, R Praveen Kumar, Gonnabattula Chiranjeevi, Mohit BA, Samarth Ooty, Baju Bhatkal, Suneel Raju, Bhareth NP, Santhebennur Akshay, KC Cariappa, Prateek Jain, Naveen MG, Pranav Bhatia, Shimon Luiz, Swapnil Yelave, Suraj Kamath, Jashwanth Acharya.

Bijapur Bulls are the defending champions of KPL after they defeated Bengaluru Blasters in the finals of KPL 2018. Meanwhile, Bulls is the first team to win KPL twice; They have won the title earlier in 2015. Under the able captainship of Bharath, they have a robust and winning squad. Bharath Chipli was the highest run-scorer in the last season he scored 254 runs in six games. MG Naveen is a terrific all-rounder he scored 356 runs and took 21 wickets in 21 KPL games since 2016. Liyan Khan, Suneel Raju, Bharath NP and Mohit will man the Middle-order.

Meanwhile, Cariappa is their leading bowler who took eight wickets in the last season, Bharath NP took nine wickets for Mysuru previous season. Prateek Jain is a valuable bowler for the team. In conclusion, Bulls are a fascinating team.

Shivamogga Lions

Squad: M Nidhish, Akshay Ballal, Pradeep Gangadhar, Pavan Deshpande, SP Manjunath, Nihal Ullal, Rohith Gowda, Abhimanyu Mithun, Arjun Hoysala, HS Sharath, K Hoysala, Pradeep T, Prithviraj Shekawat, Sujit N Gowda, Prashanth S, Rishabh Singh, Rohit K, S Shivaraj.

Shivamogga Lions have bought some excellent players in this edition of KPL. SL has retained Nihal Ullal, Prithviraj Shekhawat, K Hoysala, Rohit K, and Abhimanyu Mithun. Meanwhile, they bought some fantastic players, for instance, Pawan Deshpande, Arjun Hoysala, Nidish, HS Sharath and others. Abhimanyu Mithun will captain the side for Shivamogga Lions. Pavan Deshpande was the second-highest scorer in KPL-2018 with 205 runs, Arjun Hoysala was fourth-highest run-getter. P Shekhawat took seven wickets in the last season, SL will miss AT Somanna who was the highest wicket-taker for Shivamogga Lions. However, at this time of writing this post SL are on top of the points table with two wins.

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